Meowvember Swing Fever is a music-centered, joyous dance gig set in Bucharest, the birthplace of the Boozy Cats.

In partnership with local musicians, with the meownifique Christophe Cholot and Amelie Barrande from Paris, and with our beautiful swing dance community, we’ve decided to organize and foster this breathtaking event, where one can jitterbug like there’s no tomorrow and learn new moves like no one’s watching, in the sweet month of Meowvember.

We will have three days of bliss, 8 hours of workshops, 2 parties and heaps of fun.

We’re here to roll out the red carpet for your restless legs and to provide you with the information you need. We love to shake our bodies on good ol’ music, so we’d be more than happy to spread our passion and boozycat you to the core.

If you are bitten by the wiggle bug and genetically engineered to react with the boogie fever, make sure you put on your Sunday shoes and sign up for one of the greatest dance experiences of this autumn!

Christophe Cholot

Christophe is a passionate dancer who loves to travel around the world to attend workshops and take part in competitions. However, what he loves best is social dancing and the ability to communicate with anyone through the dance. If you’re looking for him, you’ll definitely find him on the dancefloor until the party ends!

Christophe is based in Paris, France where he teaches Lindy Hop on a regular basis in his own swing dance school “Jazzy Feet”.

Amelie Barrande

Amazed by the communion and sharing that you get through Swing dancing, Amélie constantly travels abroad to improve her teaching skills as well as her own dancing. She tries to teach her students the technical and musical fundamentals as much as the importance of a smooth connection and a good complicity between the partners.

Amélie is based in Paris, France where she teaches Solo Jazz and Lindy Hop on a regular basis in her own Swing dance school: “Jazzy Feet”.

Classes are aimed at people who have been dancing for at least 6 months. For those who have not danced Lindy Hop, before each party, classes will be held by the Boozy Cats to get those feet movin'

The format will be:
One party on Friday evening with live band
One party on Saturday evening with live band
4 hours of workshops on Saturday
4 hours of workshops on Sunday

Fast Lindy

Remove the excess turning, take out the triples, make use of the linear motion, be sure to stay in that get-down position and learn how to wear your shoe soles out!

Balboa basics and how to use Balboa in your Lindy

Balboa basics and how to implement Balboa moves into your lindy hop and spice up your dancing

Solo Jazz

“Solo dancing is so boring!”, “I’m no good at Solo Jazz!”, "Solo dancers are so picky, they only want to dance with themselves!", "I don't know how to practice!" or "I just keep doing the same stuff!"? How about think again?

Slow Lindy/Blues

Always wondered how to handle those infinite slow tempos? Triple, drag and pivot steps, swivels, leg swoops, trip dips, slides – we have them all to tackle those moments that give you the spine shivers.


Are you a sad Lindy nerd because you’ve exhausted all the good Youtube Lindy Hop clips and you’re so knowledgeable that no new move draws your attention? Let yourself be surprised by our jiggly Chris and Amelie and enter the Lindy All-Stars program!


That one word that steps on everybody's nerves, the holy grail of Swing dances. Are you emphasizing a certain riff every phrase? Does each phrase have a different emphasis and aesthetic? Are you playing it safe and following a certain structure, or are you being a little more loose and pushing the boundaries of it a little? This workshop will teach you how much planning and how much instinct there is when messing with Lindy Hop..